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Infrared Electrical Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys for electrical applications

By utilising qualified themographers and state of the art thermal imaging equipment whole sites can be checked in as little as one day with no disruption to site operations. Reliance on site staff can be kept to a minimum allowing them their normal daily duties. Electrical faults identified  by our thermal imaging surveys and then rectified by site staff in the past have included :-

  • Phase Imbalances
  • Loose Connections
  • Harmonics
  • High Resistance Connections
  • Corroded Connections
  • Internal Fuse Damage
  • Internal Circuit Breaker Faults
  • Poor Connections and External Damage

Many of these faults would not have been identified until the equipment had failed or caught fire, resulting in potential disruption to site operations, stock loss, equipment/building fire, serious injury or death.

No disruption to site operations

Physically checking the electrical terminations of every component in every electrical cabinet in large buildings is both time consuming and costly as well as disruptive to the operation of the site, as individual circuits need to be isolated before physical/visual checks can be carried out. In a 24 hour environment such as manufacturing of distribution this can be impractical. The use of thermography avoids these issues.

Historical condition recording

By tracking and recording the condition of every item of equipment on a site over a set period of time (typically annually, but quarterly of six monthly surveys are common) diagnosis of the cause of faults is made easier and in circumstances can be pinpointed to a specific site process or working condition. Thermographic surveys can be scheduled at specific times of year to coincide with increased seasonal workloads (Such as the run up to christmas in retail environments) to assess the condition of equipment at peak times.