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Satir PK80 Thermal Imaging Camera

PK 80 Thermal Imaging Camera

PK 80 Thermal Imaging Camera

The SATIR PK80 is the world’s first entry level thermal imaging tablet that is suitable for beginner thermographers but is also ruggedised enough to be used in industry for light thermal imaging surveys.

The SATIR PK80 has an 80×80 IR detector which generates 6,400 pixels, giving the user a good image for an entry level thermal camera. The PK80 also can take high quality digital images as it comes with an 8 megapixel digital camera. This can be a very useful when carrying out a survey, as the user can then compare the thermal image with the digital image.  The PK80 displays images on a 5.5” capacitive touch screen which gives the user very clear images and allows them to zoom in or out of an image to see the finer details.

The PK80 operates on a Android platform, this allows users to access the large selection of apps from the Google Play store. This can be of benefit to companies who have their own apps available on the Google Play store. The PK80 can connect to Wi-Fi, this allows the user to send over thermal imaging data quickly and easily via email or messaging apps. The PK80 can take still images and video of thermal surveys which can be transfer in real-time due to the Wi-Fi connection. The multifunction USB connection allows users to charge their thermal imaging tablet while also transferring data in one convenient connection.

When buying the PK80 you will receive batteries, battery charger, USB Connection cable, wrist strap and screen protector. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from the SATIR Store.


  • 80×80 IR Detector Resolution
  • 8 MP CCD (Digital) Camera
  • 5.5” Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Android Operating System
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Video & Still Recording
  • Multifunction USB Connection


Camera Name PK-80
 Resolution   80X80
 Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)   ≤0.10ºC @ 30ºC
 Field of View/Min Focus Field   20º x 20º  / 0.5m
 Focus Mechanism   Fixed Focus
 Temperature Range   -20 to +160ºC
 Accuracy   ±2°C, ±2% of readings
 Measurement Tools   1 moveable spots , Auto hot/cold spot capture,
isothermal analysis, Circle analysis Rectangular analysis,  Line profile
 Operating Temperature   0°C~+50°C
 Encapsulation   IP54
 Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)
 Weight   415grms
 Dimensions   174x102x36 mm