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Satir E80 Thermal Imaging Camera

E80 Thermal Imaging Camera

E80 Thermal Imaging Camera

The SATIR E80 is a basic thermal imaging camera that would be suitable for simple surveys that would be carried out by plumbers, electricians and Home owners. Currently the first generation of the E80 only take still images but with future versions we hope to include video recording. The E80 has an IR Resolution of 80×80 which generates 6,400 pixels. This gives the user a slightly better picture quality at the entry level market than cameras with a 80×60 IR resolution. Images from the E80 are saved on an SD Card which gives great expandability to the camera. The E80 had a 270° rotating LCD Screen which can be very useful when surveying in tight attic space.

The E80 has a good range of analysis functions for the thermal camera entry market.The E80 comes with a standard 10° lens which gives the user a minimum focus distance of 0.5m. The E80 is cleverly designed to enable smooth one handed operation, as it has a good balance in the user’s hand. The E80 has a Li-ion battery which means it can go a long time without needing to be charged. The E80 is available in 10 different languages thus making thermal cameras accessible to users across the world, which is something very important to SATIR.

When buying the E80 you will receive receive a battery, battery charger, SD card and adaptor. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from Iris Systems.


  • 80×80 IR Detector Resolution
  • 270° rotating LCD Screen
  • Cost Efficient
  • Good Battery Life
  • Analysis Functions
  • SD Card Storage
  • Available in 10 Languages


Camera Name E80
  Resolution   80X80
  Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)   ≤0.1ºC @ 30ºC
  Detector Type   FPA, uncool microbolometer
  Field of View   10º x 7.5º  / 0.5m
  Focus Mechanism   Manual
  Temperature Range   -20°C~ +180°C
  Accuracy   ±2°C or ±2 %of readings
  Measurement Tools   1 movable spot, auto hot/cold spot
  Temperature Alarms   Yes
  Set-up Controls   Languages/Palettes
  Operating   -15°C to +50°C
  Encapsulation   IP54
Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)  
  Weight   Less than 500g (battery included)
  Dimensions   172mm x 80mm x 162mm
  Power Input   DC 8V-11V
  Video Output   NTSC(60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video