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Satir D600 Thermal Imaging Camera

D600 Thermal Imaging Camera

D600 Thermal Imaging Camera


SATIR D600 is our newest addition to the D Series,it is a High Performance Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera which delivers high quality Images and Thermal Videos with it’s 640×480 IR Detector.The D600 has a range of imaging modes which includes Duo-Vision Plus which is SATIR latest innovative imaging technology. Duo Vision merges a infrared and visual image to deliver a highly detailed image to the user for analysis when carrying out a thermal survey.

The D600 comes with a touch screen that will auto focus to ensure the user has a clearly focused thermal image. This means when generating a report the image is already focused which enables accurate evaluation.


• Newly Designed Platform
• IR/CCD/Duo Vision Plus
• Laser Pointer
• Built-in Memory
• Adaptable LCD Display
• Easy to use interface
• 5 MP High Definition Camera
• Thermal Video Recording



Camera Name D600
  Detector Resolution   640×480
  Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)  ≤0.05°C@30°C
  Spatial Resolution   0.65 mrad
  FOV   24°X 18°/0.30m
  Spectral Range   7.5-14um
  Focus Mechanism   Manual/Motorised/Auto
  Temperature Range  -20°C ~ + 600°C, (up to 1500°C Optional)
  Accuracy   ±2°C or ± 2% of readings
  Measurement Mode  8 Movable spots, Auto Hot/Cold Spot, Profile, 2 area boxes, Isotherm, Line
  Measurement Correction  Emissivity, Ambient Temperature, distance, relative humidity,
reflected temperature
  Temperature Alarm   Yes
  Image Presentation
  CCD Parameter   High Definition CCD, 5 million pixels
  LCD Display   3.5”  LCD Screen
  Image Mode   IR/CCD/Duo-vision,Duo-vision Plus
  Image Storage  SD Card up to 32GB
  Encapsulation    IP54
  Shock/Vibration Resistance   25G/2.5G
  Operating Temperature   -10°C ~ +50°C
  Storage Temperature   -40°C ~ +70°C
  Power System
  Battery Type    Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries
  Battery Life    5 Hours
  External Power Supply   Power Supply and Charge at the same time
  Physical Characteristics
  Weight (Includes Battery)   ≤0.66kg
  Camera Size   262x97x119 (mm)
  Additional Features
  Digital Zoom  2x, 4x, 8x
 Optional Lenses  Telephoto wide angle lens available