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A full range of products and services including IR surveys, cameras & inspection windows,  Gas detection cameras, Ultrasound/PD/TEV Detectors,remote temperature monitoring systems and PFC maintenance services to support you in developing a safe, efficient and cost effective Predictive Maintenance Program.


Iris Systems Limited was founded in 2015, initially providing electrical thermal imaging surveys to commercial & industrial clients. Since then the range of technology in the industry has grown and so has our offering. Today we offer a full range of products from IR surveys to cameras & inspection windows, Ultrasound/PD/TEV Detectors and temperature monitoring to support our clients in developing safe, efficient and cost effective PdM programs.


Switchgear, power transformers, distribution boards, control panels. All these items (and more) can be surveyed while in normal operation, avoiding the need for costly and disruptive shutdowns. High temperatures related to loose connections, faulty components, circuit overload and harmonic distortions can be quickly identified. Heat is a major factor in the premature failure of electrical components which can be detected at an early stage using Infrared technology.


The applications for ultrasonic technology are nearly limitless. Compressed air leak detection, condition-based monitoring of bearings and acoustic lubrication, faulty steam traps and pinpoint in-leakage to boilers, condensers and heat exchangers are all popular applications. Ultrasonic inspection can be used together with infrared inspection for added safety to Switchgear, motor control centres and  surveys of high-voltage substations and transmission/distribution lines.

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